Karl Marx & the Flaws of Capitalism: Lex Fridman Talks with Professor Richard Wolff

Lex Fridman, a Russian-American laptop scientist and synthetic intelligence researcher, hosts a standard podcast the place he usually interviews lecturers and helps them attain a surprisingly massive viewers. In latest weeks, he’s had lengthy and wide-ranging conversations with NYU social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, Princeton historian Stephen Kotkin (on the historical past of Russia and the Ukraine struggle), and Stanford historian Norman Naimark (on genocide). Above now you can discover his dialog with Marxist economist, Richard Wolff.

Fridman prefaces the prolonged dialog by saying, “This can be a heavy subject, usually, and for me personally, given my household historical past within the Soviet Union, in Russia and Ukraine. Right now, the phrases Marxism, Socialism and Communism are used to assault and divide, rather more than to know and study. With this podcast, I search the latter. I imagine we have to research the concepts of Karl Marx, in addition to their varied implementations all through the twentieth and twenty first centuries…. We have to think about critically the concepts we demonize, and to problem the concepts we dogmatically settle for as true, even when doing so is at instances disagreeable and harmful.”

You possibly can hearken to their participating dialog above, or discover it on varied podcasts platforms. Alongside the way in which, Wolff underscores the obtrusive deficiencies of capitalism, and why populists on the left and proper are actually in search of options. And Fridman asks whether or not capitalism, regardless of its faults, should be the best choice we have now. Wolff and Fridman undoubtedly have completely different worldviews, however the dialog is civil and deep, and price your time.

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