Canine Ear Hematomas: Indicators, Remedy & Prevention

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Is your canine shaking his head lots or scratching his ears? Have you ever observed that his ears are swollen? In that case, your canine could possibly be affected by an ear hematoma. We’ll aid you acknowledge the indicators, know when to hunt therapy and what you are able to do to assist forestall this situation from reoccurring.

What Is A Canine Ear Hematoma?

Ear or aural hematomas are agency, swollen blisters on the within of your canine’s ear flap. They happen when blood vessels inside the ear flap burst and bleeding happens within the house between the ear cartilage and the pores and skin.


Hematomas can type attributable to trauma brought on by extreme head shaking or scratching, often because of ear mites or an ear an infection. They will additionally type when a international object is lodged inside your canine’s ear or because of a chew wound.

Canine with lengthy, floppy ears have a better danger of growing ear hematomas. And canine with clotting or bleeding problems can also develop hematomas extra simply, even with out the trauma of shaking or scratching.


Canine ear hematomas are pretty straightforward to identify. Indicators to search for embody:

  • Swelling on the ear flaps
  • Discoloration
  • Deformity within the ear form
  • Ache and aversion to the touch
  • Scratching or head shaking


Hematomas could cause your canine discomfort, so he’ll seemingly shake his head and scratch much more. This will exacerbate the issue and trigger much more blisters to type. That’s why getting a analysis and correct therapy is vital.

For those who suspect that your canine has an ear hematoma, seek the advice of together with your vet. Your vet will carry out a bodily examination and a easy needle extraction of the blister — the presence of blood confirms an ear hematoma.

Looking for veterinarian care can also be vital as a result of your canine could possibly be affected by ear mites or an an infection that’s inflicting the top shaking and scratching.


Canine ear hematomas aren’t life-threatening, however you need to search therapy as quickly as attainable. With out therapy, the hematoma might finally heal by itself, nevertheless it seemingly will scar and trigger a everlasting ear disfigurement known as “cauliflower ear.”

There are a number of methods to deal with a canine ear hematoma, and your vet will select the most effective methodology on a case-by-case foundation.


For smaller hematomas, some vets might decide to make a small incision in your canine’s ear flap and insert a tube to assist the blister drain. Some vets favor to make use of a drainage tube referred to as a teat cannula, a tube used to deal with mastitis in cows.

This methodology includes diligent follow-up care by the proprietor. You’ll have to softly therapeutic massage your canine’s ear to maintain the fluid draining over a number of days after which return to your vet to take away the tube and shut the incision.

The draw back of solely utilizing a draining tube is that it doesn’t do a great job of compressing the cartilage and pores and skin again collectively. So there’s a better danger of disfigurement, particularly with bigger hematomas. That’s why many vets favor surgical procedure.

Can I Drain My Canine’s Hematoma?

Whereas you'll find some tutorial movies on-line on tips on how to drain your canine’s ear hematoma at residence with a syringe, we don’t advocate it. Utilizing a syringe to empty the fluid not often solves the issue as a result of the fluid returns repeatedly. And also you run the danger of injuring your canine.

Surgical procedure

Surgical procedure is often the best choice to cut back the danger of disfigurement and to forestall recurrence. Nevertheless, surgical procedure requires your canine to endure anesthesia and post-operative restoration.

Particular surgical methods range by the vet’s desire and your canine’s distinctive circumstances however usually includes the identical primary steps.

  • The pores and skin over the hematoma might be surgically incised to empty the blood and take away any blood clots.
  • Quite a few sutures might be positioned by means of the ear to reattach the cartilage to the pores and skin and get rid of the formation of scar tissue. This helps forestall the recurrence of hematomas.
  • A surgical drain could also be positioned to advertise drainage.
  • The pinna, or ear flap, might be bandaged to attenuate harm and promote therapeutic.
  • Your vet might advocate a no-flap ear wrap, just like the Completely satisfied Hoodie, to maintain your canine’s ears safe whereas he heals.

Your vet will take away drainage tubes or bandages after 3-14 days, and the sutures could also be eliminated after 2 weeks if the ear is totally healed. If not healed, some or the entire sutures might have to stay for a further 2 weeks.

Surgical procedure Price

You may be questioning, how a lot does canine ear hematoma surgical procedure price? The price can run anyplace from $250-$500 or extra relying on the dimensions of the hematoma and the extent of follow-up care by your vet. Having pet insurance coverage could be a good method to keep away from surprising therapy prices, like canine ear hematoma surgical procedure or much more severe situations that would come up at any time. See our pet insurance coverage critiques to study extra.

Are There Pure Different Therapies?

Some holistic veterinarians discover average success utilizing homeopathic treatments, like arnica oil or colloidal silver, to deal with very small ear hematomas. However typically this isn’t a long-term answer as a result of the hematoma begins to clot and harden, making homeopathy much less efficient.

Does My Canine Have An Ear An infection?

As we talked about above, your canine might have an underlying ear an infection that’s led to a hematoma. Learn our information on canine ear infections to get recommendations on tips on how to spot, deal with and forestall this widespread situation. Stopping ear infections is likely one of the finest methods to forestall hematomas from forming.

And whereas we’re on the topic, you could need to take a look at our recommendations on tips on how to clear your canine’s ears.

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